How We Differentiate

Infoland Georgia is a client-centric company that will put an extra effort, although at no extra cost to a customer, to accomplish its goal in meeting client’s needs and best interests.  We are direct with the clients we service; we tell them how we see things and offer our solutions with almost guaranteed outcome.  If there is a wall (metaphorically speaking about the obstacle or a problem) we see on our way, we will not stop there, we will look for the ways to overcome it, to go around it, to jump above it or even dig an underground tunnel beneath it, if need be, everything within the limits of ethical and legal efforts and in a timely manner. 

Infoland Georgia is probably the only company on the Georgian market (in a relevant line of work) that has formalized ABC (Anti-Bribery and Corruption) policies, adopted and enforces Health, Safety and Security protocols and has a very specific labor and employment policy.  By the way, BP conducted an audit of ABC procedures in 2017 and positive results were impressive even for BP (which has thousands of contractors worldwide), one of Infoland Georgia’s long-term clients.  We have developed and put in place procurement policy and Code of Ethics and Conduct. 

Infoland Georgia is outsourcing its accounting to BDO International, which is in the top 5 of International Financial Accounting firms worldwide.  We do not have petty cash, because we use cashless system and settle all our financial transactions via bank transfers.  This approach eliminates cash handling costs, provides greater security of funds and reduces audit time.

Infoland Georgia has a unique customized management information system software (exclusively developed by Infoland Georgia software developer), which streamlines daily operations and management of internal and external workflow and processes.  We have an all-in-one management tool that helps management and the staff to work efficiently.  This tool incorporates timesheet management, procurement, invoicing, contracting, inventory management, financial reporting and other important components of everyday operations.

Infoland Georgia is an environment-friendly company and has enforced paperless financial and tax accounting management from the start.  This means all financial and accounting documentation is logged, maintained, generated and communicated electronically.