JSC Infoland Georgia is an exclusive distributor of Kolida GNSS/GPS products in Georgia.  Kolida GNSS/GPS receivers are powered by Trimble motherboards using Trimble Maxwell 6 processor technology, which provide high precision and 1 centimeter accuracy.

Kolida GNSS/GPS receivers are smart choice for industry professionals looking for modern technology and competitive pricing blend.  There are total of 2 GNSS/GPS models offered in Georgia by Kolida.

Super RTK K5 Plus+ is the latest GNSS/GPS receiver with updated functionality and base/rover functions, whereas Elite K9 Mini is a cost-effective choice without compromising survey precision and accuracy.



RTK_K5plus Kolida_EliteK9_GNSS
 Super RTK K5 Plus+  Elite K9 Mini
 K5 Plus+ is the latest GNSS receiver and a high-precision geodetic survey instrument for the industry professionals.  Its main features include, but are not limited to:

  • Tilt survey (30 degree angle)
  • Electronic bubble
  • Built-in network antenna
  • Barrier-free measurement
  • Long-range radio link
  • Anti-interference
  • Best for in-town survey
 K9 Mini GNSS receiver is a cost-effective choice for the industry professionals with the same precision and accuracy characteristics.   Its main features include, but are not limited to:

  • Light weight
  • Suitable for all kinds of jobs
  • User friendly
  • Quality assurance
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